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oh what a time to be alive

ok so this is my first blog post, this concept of a blog is kinda lame in my opinion but imma give it a try for the sake of making this website as chaotic and silly as possible. so today is thursday the 30th of march this is my third week away from school since i got both pneumonia and bronchitis at the same time, so basically i can't walk up a flight of stairs without needing to lay down for about 30 minutes just to catch my breath. what a lovely life.

also, my sister broke her ankle in two places on saturday and she has two kids so i'm staying with her to help out with cooking etc since she can't really stand for too long which is fine because i adore the crap out of my sister and i actually spend a lot of time at her place because it's so nice... but her younger kid hates that when she's not home or when she's resting i'm allowed to take on the role of parent, guardian, protector or mommy. don't know which titles suits best. maybe i'm just the super fucking annoying aunt that you imagine choking one day when you're bigger and stronger. i guess we'll see. if you see me in the death section of the newspaper anytime soon you know who did it. put your 007 suit cuz shit might be about to go down. also fun fact the number 7 is my favorite number.

also i'm doing this website for school. we have this class called sustainability of the artist where we have to practice making applications for grants, and other things that an artist must know how to do, such as making a website. it's quite fun but i'm getting a bit too excited and invested in this and when i get excited i go overboard. i do too much, much more than i'm required to do because i'm a maximalist. i could and should probably be doing other assignments that are more urgent since i don't have to turn in this website until in a month but i'm in too deep now. so i'm just going to continue until i've made this visually pleasing, weirdly sectioned and i'd also like to put in a bunch of kinda crappy-looking effects. i'm excited to see how the website looks right now as you're reading this.

well, we will see how this website turns out, i encourage you to send my lungs lots of love and i'm excited to finish writing this to see what new obstacle my lovely godchild will provide me with. ok my sister just got home so my mother-auntly-like duties are done for now.

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